Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Industry: Music > Reviews

--Industry Proposed: Music > Reviews

--Description: The industry will provide a place to generate ideas based on music reviews. The reviews can be of CDs, venues, concerts, or any other medium in which music can be enjoyed.

--History: The game already has Film, Book, and Restaurant Reviews. This would provide for the wealth of critical material available in music related blogs.

--Modern Non-Blog Resource:
There are large numbers of non-Blog resources from around the world.
(From Google) | the source for music reviews - the source for music reviews | Album Review. Music reviews - new albums reviewed.

1000s of Reviews for Movies, Music, Games, DVDs
Reviews, quotes, and scores from major critics for film, video/DVD, music, and videogames.

Jazz | Magazine is your complete guide to Jazz
Since 1997 JAZZREVIEW.COM has been your jazz music connection to reviews of the hottest new jazz releases and so much more.

Yahoo! Directory: Music > Reviews

BBC - Music - Reviews
Music reviews on the BBC. From blues to world, your guide to the best new releases. CD and Music Reviews CD and Music Reviews.

--Blog Examples:
We already have one blog -- delicado -- is registered with the game and is reviewing music. This would be the perfect industry for it. *Album/Music Reviews*
Just bought a new CD? Review it here! Heard something new on the radio? Talk about it.

Drowned in Sound - Albums
News, reviews, interviews and opinions on the British music scene Seattle Death/Black Metal Freaks For Seattleites devoted to the music of the inverted cross, Death and Black metal. Post upcoming shows and review new music in the scene. Hail Satan! New Music and Band Reviews
Do you want to find out about cool new music but you're too busy or out of the scene to find out? Have you heard about a band but have no idea what they sound like? Do you want to find out if a new album is good before wasting money on it?

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