Monday, January 24, 2005

Welcome to Grendel's Lair

Grendel's Lair

OK. After all the build up, I really wanted to see what 20six had to offer.

It's not that bad. But, I think I prefer blogger.

On the plus side.
a. The free account is Really Easy in a "any way you want so long as it's on the list" sort of way.
b. They have trackback built into it.
c. Graphics and other media seem to be really easy to deal with and you don't really need another website to host the graphical elements.

On the negative side.
a. They wanted my full street address (I put in a false one).
b. You can't edit the template. It's a "take it or leave it" menu choice. For me, this is unacceptable.

Other features that may or may not be significant.
a. Other authors capability. About the same as blogger.
b. Moderated posts. I can see where this would be handy for teachers to censor student output, but if you're in a group situation, I'm not sure about this. Perhaps, since the blog can be open to outsiders, this is a way to control blog-spam.

All in all.
Amusing, but not piquant. I'd give it about a 70 ... It has a good beat, but I couldn't dance to it.


aaron said...

Not being able to edit the template would turn me off if I were planning on using it for the longterm. It's the same with Livejournal for users with non-paid accounts.

Nathan Lowell said...

That's why I have my own server space running TextPattern and WordPress. . . but I'm a hopeless geek. :D