Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tough Day

The EVO group in my aggregator .. ah .. what would I do without you guys??

My sympathies to Leslie. I hope the "site" is restored soon.

Nancy, thanks for making me think a lot. It distracts me something horrible - and nice that liked Scott Adams' post on Reasons to Blog. We're on a campaign over in my professional group to try to get them into the zone :D

Marco -- I loved the Errand Boy! And you've gotta be a masochist to keep reading CogDiss!

Blinger! "...hooked on phonics ..." that's sooo funny.

But where is Sarolta? I miss your clear voice! Has the coming of spring silenced you?


Sarolta said...

I'm here, Nathan, reading in silence. Thanks for thinking of me. Cheers.

Nathan Lowell said...

Oh good! I thought probably, but I wanted you to know you're still on my mind! :D

Lesley said...

Hi Nathan, I'm still finding refuge in the blogosphere, at least it's clean in here not like in my building sit / home.