Monday, August 22, 2005

And they're OFF!!

This morning marked the kickoff of my course on Teaching Online.

The students have been "muttering in the halls" for the last few days -- I sent out a warm up message to the list server mid-week last week in response to the 8th "how does this work" email. So some of them are ahead of the curve and some, unfortunately, still haven't registered.

Anybody in the webheads group who wants to get on board (you can audit for free, but if you want the college credit you have to pay) is welcome to.

The blog is at

The moodle is at

The course is Phaedrus Academy ... :D


Nancy McKeand said...

Nate, this looks so cool! Are you suggesting that we officially audit the course? If so, how do we do that?

Nathan Lowell said...


Go to

Sign up for an account if you want to audit.

Send me an email address and I'll get you added to the listserver for the course.