Monday, April 24, 2006

Step 1: Imagine It

The first step toward the future you want is imagining what it might be. Somebody said that. I'm not sure who but it seems like a good start.

So, what would a 'day in the life' be like if it were the perfect day?

5am: wake on my own. no alarm clock. I do this now so we're already on the path. Grab a cuppa from the fresh pot on the sideboard and head to my work station. I sip my coffee and contemplate the view from my various windows. Ocean? Mountains? Ocean, I think, but anything with a vista will do. Right now I spend my life in cellars. Spend an hour or so clearing the overnight correspondence.

6am: morning walk -- half an hour -- contemplation time.

7am: breakfast

8-12: writing
12-1: lunch on the veranda
1-2: nap
2-5: students and clients
5-7: dinner
7-10: r&d
10: bed.


Of course this gets interrupted with kids, spouse, yardwork, and car repairs, but as a "Daily Default" it feels pretty attractive.

One every three months I want to go somewhere. Convention, visit a friend in another part of the world, take a week off to go fishing. I don't know. The what is an 'ad hoc' but the DOING is the thing.

Normally I'd say this looked pretty boring but my "cognitive life" is massively consuming these days. I can't stop thinking about -- puzzling over -- pondering various things. How to get Education in the US back on track? How to get paid for doing good work? What is the fundamental shift in society going to do to the nature of work and career paths? Little stuff like that.

This notion isn't fleshed out enough. I haven't finished imagining but I need to publish this so I can see what it looks like. :D


Sarolta said...

I especially like the 5 am routine. A nice cuppa and the window with the view. Wow.

Nathan Lowell said...

Thanks Sarolta!

Any good places with views over your way? I might be persuaded to learn .. what would it be? Slovenian? :D

Alice B. said...

I like the quote by Henry David Thoreau, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you have imagined."

Nathan Lowell said...

Well I'm imagining ...

Nancy McKeand said...

I really like the trip every three months. I think that is what is most missing from my life right now. We used to move every 2years and now we have been here for 5. Travel is really appealing!