Saturday, February 05, 2005

An old negative ...  Posted by Hello

Some years ago, my mother sent me an envelope of old negatives. These are the old Kodak Safety Film negatives in a large format. Tonight, I found the envelope and put the negatives in the scanner.

I remember the day my mother took this picture of me. It was a lovely sunny summer day and I was sitting on a green wool blanket on the beach outside our house. I'm playing with the pipes in my father's piperack and I can still smell the tobacco residue and the pines above me. I think there were chickadees... but I had no idea what the smells or sounds meant.

This negative is over 50 years old. It scanned pretty well, don't you think?


Lesley said...

Beautiful photo! I love the wooden seat in the background too. Lesley

Sarolta said...

Black-and-white photos have a special charm. You can feel the sun in it. A beautiful photo indeed. Kind regards.

Bee said...

Great photo, Nate and is so nice to go back in time and remember these wonderful moments from such photos.

I have started scanning an album my mother made with all my childhood pics...will be using Flickr a lot in the next few weeks. I also saw we can use Windows movie maker to make a film with photos...will see if I can do that.

Ale W said...

I really like your blog, I don't know how I had missed it all this time. Although I now realise that maybe it does not have an RSS feed? I went to bloglines and tried to subscribe to it and it tells me that it has no feeds. Is that right?