Saturday, February 26, 2005

Six Weeks So Soon?

For all my curmudgeonly complaints, I have to say this has been a blast.

Thanks to the coordinators and my fellow participants. I keep coming back to see if anybody's left comments .. and I still have a HUGE list of blogs to watch -- without even going out into the branches that most of us have made into other areas.

Nancy, Lesley, Sarolta, Marco ... and all the others who've worked so hard and contributed so much to the course. It's been an honor to play with you here in the the blogosphere ... I hope you stay in touch and keep writing in your blogs.



aaron said...

Nathan...thanks for all your helpful input and teachings. You have certainly increased my awareness of access and usability issues and your insight into the various issues we've been dealing with here on the course has taught me a lot. Thank you so much. I will continue reading here and at Cognitive Dissonance. Cheers!

Bee said...

I would like to thank you for your active participation in this course, by pointing out accessibility issues we were not aware of and helping out newbies with your timely tutorials.
I am checking my bloglines daily
:-) Let's stay in touch.

Sarolta said...

Aaron and Bee have already put it so nicely. Thank you, Nathan, and make sure you keep posting. I'll be around. Cheers!

Graham said...

I'd like to echo what's already been said by the tohers here Nathan - your insights have been very useful. You've highlighted issues that we were unaware of,and have been a very active participant. Thanks a lot!

Lesley said...

Yes, it's been a blast, as you say and I'll be keeping an beady eye on your blogs from now on!

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