Thursday, March 03, 2005

Eide Neurolearning Blog and Learning Styles

Eide Neurolearning Blog and Learning Styles

Wow. I LIKE this post.

As an educational technologist I'm asked to justify all my silly notions all the time. This post does a great job of listing what blogs can and should do for people who are using them in learning environments.

In conclusion, it looks as if blogging will be very good for our brains. It holds enormous potential in education, and it could take societal communication and creative exchange onto a whole new level.

Ya. I think the EVO2005 folks would agree with this.

Btw, I'm using my "Blog This" applet to see how well it works .. First time for me. I'm excited.


Lesley said...

Yes sir, I agree. Well it looks as if the blog applet works. What I would like is to be able to blog lots of different things directly into a single draft to make a kind of patchwork post, but that doesn't seem to be possible. I often end up hitting blog this then just copying the html from the pop up. I'm lazy about html.

Marco Polo said...

Been using the Blog This for a while, but recently it only works the first time I use it. After that I get an error message telling it could not write to the page. I think it might be one of my (several) popup blockers causing the trouble...

Marco Polo said...

Yeah, I have the same wish. The only workaround I used is, after blogging my first post, I get a window asking me if I want to close the window or edit the posts. If I choose "edit" I can open the first post and add more. But I have to manually put the URL and titles in.

might be of interest, Lesley